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A prototype where you take to the helm of an underwater ROV exploring the life and environment of the deep sea.

Versitile current system

Dynamic Currents

Advanced ROV Controls that can be played with a game pad

Intuitive Controls

the environment is rich and diverse

Varied Environments

About The Prototype

Project ROV was designed to help teach the use and mechanics of an underwater vehicle as well as engage the public with various deep sea environments.

The protoype puts you in control of an ROV letting you explore an underwater world filled with life and manmade constructions. As you head towards the depths you will find the environment conditions change as do the type of creatures and landmarks. Both the lighting and currents are simulated to enhance the realism of manouvering an ROV in the deep sea.

It was designed and developed by the Interactive Systems Studio using Unity 3D. It was engineered to test the viability of simulated ROV training scenarios as well as providing an engaging educational outreach platform .