A VR App where you can experience putting a casualty into the basic recovery position

Supports Google cardboard VR

Google Cardboard VR

Easy to follow step by step instructions

Step By Step Instructions

The recovery app supports viewing the instructions from multiple camera angles

Multiple angles

About The App

The Recovery Position app was designed as a Google Carboard VR experience offering a unique way of visualising the essential actions required to move a casualty into the recovery position.

The app takes you step by step through the scenario with the ability to move between different cameras and get a unique view of the manoeuvre as it happens. The VR experience gives you a greater sense of space and allows to get a detailed look at how to move someone in the right way, safely and securely.

It was designed and developed by the Interactive Systems Studio using Unity 3D and the Google Cardboard SDK. It was engineered to test the viability of VR mechanics and the effect of VR experiences when used to provide educational or training scenarios.